Review Policy

Review Policy:

While I know that everyone loves to receive free stuff – that is NOT the intention of this blog. I read a lot for pleasure, and do not mind buying lots of books or spending hours at the local library

What kind of Books?:

I love books of all kind, but I prefer to read the following genres:

Romance (Any Genre)
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

Books I do not like to read:

Young Adult

What’s in a review?:

  • Book Title (Links to Amazon or Good Reads book page)
  • Book Author (Links to Author’s Website (or page on Amazon or Goodreads)
  • Reading Source (Library, Purchased, ARC/For Review, etc.)
  • Series Information, if any
  • Star Rating – 1 through 5
  • Review
    • Honest opinion of the book
    • Feelings toward the book/character
The reviews themselves will vary depending on mood. Some will be a summary of the plot and over all feelings, others will be strewn with random tangents and metaphors.
I will not pull punches, but I will never be outright mean or cruel. If I do not like the book, I will explain why in my review. If you do not agree with this policy, you should not request a review.

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