The Twisted Road to You by Barbara Longley

Longley_Twisted RoadThe Twisted Road to You by Barbara Longley

Reading Source: Net Galley
Series: Perfect, Indiana
Book #: 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5

Every once in a while a girl needs to read a good contemporary romance. The Perfect, Indiana Series by Barbara Longley was a surprising find for me – I don’t normally read romances with military heroes, this series has opened my eyes to Military/Ex-Military done right. While I’m calling this contemporary, this does have some “suspense” in it. However, it is not what I would call suspense. Put it in whatever genre you would like, I still really enjoyed it. I try my best not to limit myself to a specific genre of romance novels (it’s too easy to burn yourself out that way). I’ve learned the tough way that too much of a good thing is possible – hence my long absence. I went in to this book having a pretty good idea what I was getting in to (although I didn’t enjoy the third book as much as the first two). This one brought me back to a level where I am really happy with the series as it stands.

Wesley Holt is a retired Marine who is struggling with PTSD. He’s moved to Perfect, Indiana, works the night shift at Langford & Lovejoy (a furniture company established in the previous books) with other Vets. Every morning for over a year he has breakfast at the diner in Perfect, and has secretly been crushing on Carlie, the waitress who serves him breakfast every day.

Carlie is a single mom with a tough past, and one morning that past comes back with a vengeance. Sensing that something is wrong when Carlie doesn’t show up for work, Wes does something he doesn’t normally do – he got involved. Arriving at Carlie’s house in the nick of time, Wes is able to save Carlie and her son Tyler from her fugitive ex-husband. The only problem is he got away. With Wes in full-alpha-mode he decides the safest place for Carlie and Tyler until they are out of the woods is in his home.

I enjoyed this story. Carlie overcame a lot in her life and despite a few issue with self-esteem, she was a wonderful character. I loved Wes and Tyler’s interactions. Wes is a big-tough Marine, and Tyler is obviously scared by the situation his crazy dad has put them all in. I’m a big sucker for kids winning over alphas.

One response to “The Twisted Road to You by Barbara Longley

  1. I too loved this book. The community has embraced several veterans who have come back from service in “pieces” and helped them become “whole”. The book also explores PTSD in domestic violence. The characters were real-and flawed. A good read.


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