Phenomenal X by Michelle A. Valentine

Phenomenal XPhenomenal X by Michelle A. Valentine

Reading Source: Amazon
Series: Hard Knocks
Book #: 1
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 out of 5

Oh Ms. Valentine… How could you do it? UGH! Let me tell you right now – I am a completest. Very rarely do I read series books when they aren’t already a few books in because I don’t like… CLIFFHANGERS!!! Other than that – I really liked this book.

Anna has spent her life doing exactly what everyone wants her to do. She’s been living the life her controlling and extremely religious father has planned out. That is until he tries to arrange a marriage for her. Unable to take it any longer Anna decides to move from sunny California to the rust belt. That’s right – Anna moves to the Midwest – Detroit to be specific. On the plane ride to Detroit, Anna is not having fun. The old guy next to her misjudges the distance of the tray and spills his tomato juice all over her. When cleaning herself up, Xavier Cold comes to her rescue. Just like a knight in black leather (I’m not sure if he was wearing black leather – but I like to think he was…)

Xavier Cold is also known as Phenomenal X – Professional wrestler extraordinaire. X is enthralled by Anna on the plane. Not because she did anything special, but because she fell asleep and didn’t want anything from him. X and Anna come to an agreement – they are going to be friends. When Anna finds her self in a bind again, Xavier is there to help her once again.

I liked this story right up to the cliffhanger. I can’t wait to read the next one. Anna grows a lot in this story, as is expected. What is surprising is how Xavier changes. I liked both main characters. They felt very similar to me – like maybe I had met them in another book before. Yeah it’s a classic story – Good Girl meets Bad Boy – Angst ensues – then a HUGE CLIFFHANGER. You’re breakin’ my heart Ms. Valentine!!!! The cover though – I really liked the cover…

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