Bang!Tango by Joe Kelly and Adrian Sibar

Bang!TangoBang!Tango – Written by Joe Kelly and Illustrated by Adrian Sibar

Reading Source: NetGalley
Genre: Graphic Novel, Mafia
Rating: 4 out of 5

Normally, I don’t do reviews for graphic novels. I’m not sure why. They are fun to read and look at. This one is definitely fun to look at. The story is good, but the art is what I truly enjoyed.

Adrian Sibar did the story justice with every line and shaded detail. It called for an edgy and dark look. He nailed it. The women are believably proportioned (if scantily clad – but the story calls for it in some cases). It is not easy to draw the human form in so many different positions. Sibar manages to make the characters really look like they are dancing. If this was just the art, the overall feel of the story would be able to be understood, just by viewing it. Three stars, just for Adrian Sibar.

The story, eh, it was good. I really liked the second half of the storyline, much more so than the first. Vinnie left his heart in New York, with Autumn, only he didn’t realize that right away. He couldn’t accept Autumn the way she was when they were both in New York. Autumn is a pre-op transsexual. On the night Vinnie learns Autumn still has the “wrong plumbing” he messes his entire life up, and pisses off his boss. The Boss. Yep, Vinnie’s in the mob. Knowing there is no way to fix it, Vinnie runs. Three years later, Autumn finds Vinnie when she needs some help. At this point Vinnie’s life gets turned around again. We get to see what happened in the past with a few flash backs.

Without giving anything major away, the ending surprised me. Which I did like in a weird way. I liked the surprise, not the ending so much. It gave it flavor, and the extra star that pushed this up to four stars. This comic is definitely not for everyone. Adult themes, language and sexual situations are afoot. And they aren’t all that tasteful. The art, however, is fun and suits the story perfectly.

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