Pretty Instinct by S.E. Hall

PrettyInstinctPretty Instinct – Written by S.E. Hall

Reading Source: Amazon
Series: Finally Found
Book #: 1
Genre: Erotic Romance
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

What to say about Pretty Instinct… well I’m not sure. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the book. I liked the story. I’m not sure I liked the two main characters. Okay so I will never read this book again – I’m in the minority and this book bugged me. Let me start at the beginning… of the book. If I start at the true beginning (when Amazon lied about me liking this book based off of my purchases…) we’ll never get out of here.

WAIT! Preface to my synopsis – I totally had to look up the names of the characters in this book. They didn’t stay with me at all.

So – we’ve got Lizzie/Liz/Elizabeth/Bethy – she’s practically at the OCD level of intensity when it comes to things needing to be under her control. Which is why her taking her mentally-challenged older brother on tour with her “Rock” Band is beyond belief. Something happened one summer when Liz was away at camp. When she was yanked back early, she came home to her once normal older brother having the mental capacity of an 8 year old. Since then she has hated her father. When her mother died, she left Liz and her brother, Conner, A LOT of money. It is because of this that Liz is able to get custody of Conner and take him on the aforementioned tour.

Liz views herself as a bitch – I just think she’s juvenile. It’s more-or-less a defense mechanism for protecting herself and Conner. So when the bassist for the band makes a major faux pas and calls Conner a perverted retard (or something to that ilk) she’s booted. Off the bus – out of the band – out of their lives – permanently. That leaves the band in a bind – enter Cannon (odd name – but whatever). He was just hanging out at the rest stop with a guitar. He is obviously the answer to their rock-band-prayers. Seriously? You just see this guy hanging out at a rest stop and you think “He’s going to be in our band now – plus he looks yummy in those pants.” (That is not a direct quote from the book)

Of course he’s a wonderful guitar player, and he knows the “perfect” song to win the hearts of both Liz and Conner… Oh did I mention the other members in the band yet? They don’t matter much. One’s a man-whore and the other is moody to the extreme. Well – Cannon’s in the band – and then it’s like insta-love. But they are dancing around it. Which would be bad enough, if there wasn’t so much “breathing” and “nibbling” when they finally get together. Other people comment on how annoying the constant “nibbles” are, I on the other hand find that the “breathing” one in for me and out for you thing is FUCKING WEIRD and annoying.

I love my guy – a lot, almost obsessively. But if he ever tried the breathe in one for me and then out for you crap… I think I’d die laughing at him, then I’d take his man card. If I’m freaking out hard core, which happens from time to time, and it is ugly… but if I’m freaking out hard core, slap me OR just leave me the fuck alone. It’s bad enough I’m freaking out – don’t get up in my face and tell me to breathe, and don’t be nice to me. I hate it when I’m being crazy and irrational and someone is nice to me. It makes it WORSE!!!

So Liz and Cannon – yeah, their story is okay. I give S.E. Hall credit for finishing a book and publishing it. I’m not sure I’d be willing to do that. This just was not a book for me, despite that Amazon thought I’d really enjoy it. The conflict is decent, but the characters just weren’t likable to me. The dialogue was very odd and sometimes random. Example: (some people found this funny) there was a scene where Cannon and the man-whore band member where watching porn together (I’m not sure that guys actually do that – unless it is something very strange or gross) and Liz walks in on them. When she joins them in watching the porn – she is freaked out by a multicolored penis. Okay – so we’re not talking green here – were are talking a differentiating tone on the head of the penis, most likely due to the scar tissue left by circumcision. And she is so bothered by it that if she were to encounter a penis like it in real life, she would pretend faint to not have to touch it. But here is the kicker – that scene doesn’t have any real purpose – Cannon’s penis (which of course is large…) is one color.

Okay – so let’s recap. Liz is young, OCD, bitchy and superficially judgmental. Cannon is a random dude with a guitar at a rest stop and his penis is massive and all one color. They are in looooove. There is a little bit of conflict smattered in here and there. The story is okay, but not worth re-reading and some of the dialogue is odd.

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