Domino Effect by Jill Elaine Hughes

0c019-dominoeffect Domino Effect – Written by Jill Elaine Hughes

Reading Source: Netgalley
Series: Domino
Book #: 1
Genre: BDSM, Suspense, Erotica
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

*** Warning Explicit content in both the book and my review. Please do not read if you are under aged ***

I think I am being a little generous with a three star review on this one – but only because the next book has potential. Ellora’s Cave publishes erotic literature – I knew what I was getting into – sort of.

Nancy Delaney is white bread with the crust cut off. She works hard, she studies hard – but she does not fuck hard. Not even in the sex scenes in this book. I’m all for virginal leading ladies – I don’t find anything wrong with holding on to your V-Card for as long as possible (ladies or gents). But by 22 or there abouts – if you haven’t been comfortable enough to explore your sex – then you have no business giving it up to anyone yet. First time sex should be meaningful and erotic – it should not be all of a sudden with someone you barely know.

I know, I know – Izzy you’re being too literal here – this is supposed to be fantasy. But can you imagine a young lady who has not even known what her own hand feels like on her most intimate places wanting to be tied up her first time? HER FIRST TIME! I’m a freak. Through and through – and I have been for many years – but the lead up was so sudden it just didn’t feel natural.

I don’t find Peter Rostovich charming at all. I hope that in the next book he changes. At his showing (or whatever artists do when they have a bunch of their stuff in a gallery) I had thought at the time oOoOhhh – this is gonna be good. He’s got a bondage theme going with all his pieces – and the grande finale is sexy and kinky. But over all – I found him to be off putting. I’m all for the strong silent type. But I just couldn’t imagine Peter as the barrel chested man he was supposed to be.

I’m picky about sexy books – They gotta be hot. I’ll give the author her due in one regard – the imagined sex was hot- I can’t really say too much here without spoiling it. But when you get to the part of the book that begins to explain the title – that is when the hot sex comes – but remember it is imagined, not only by you, but the character too. Okay moving on….

This book has a cliff hanger ending – and it bothers me. Not because it isn’t a good one – but because I am a completest. I want to see what happens next and if the sex scenes get better. I have a feeling that the next book will be much kinkier. This book seems more like world building than a complete first part to the story.

Over all, it is a decent book. However, I think the second in the series will be where the good stuff is really at.

Let me put a side note here: I like the kinky stuff, and not just in books. So occasionally I like to pick out a book with whips and chains to see if me and my guy can find something new to try. This did not deliver the outcome I had hoped for – but I think the next one will.

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