Cowboy in my Pocket by Kate Douglas

e8cb4-cwbypcktCowboy in my Pocket – Written by Kate Douglas

Reading Source: Netgalley
Genre: Cowboy Romance, Parody
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

I started reading this not knowing what it was – not truly – I hadn’t read the blurb about the book. I read the first page and was seriously tempted to stop but I said to myself “Self (because that is how I refer to myself…) you can’t do a disservice to yourself by stopping now. You know better than that! Give it a better try.” Then I got past the first chapter and I was seriously tempted to stop again – then like magic – It clicked. This book is supposed to be a huge cliche. It’s poking fun at the major plot themes that are often used individually – but in this case they are all there. All of them!

Michelle is a romance writer who was instructed to write a cowboy romance since they are all the craze. (I mean seriously – who doesn’t love a hot guy, organically ripped, who knows how to ride ;D ) Only thing is – Michelle doesn’t know a horse from a donkey and her manuscript is laughable (according to her editor). It is decided for Michelle that she will spend a few weeks at a dude ranch – learning how cowboys really are.

Only misfortune strikes – Michelle is in an accident and loses her memory – she no longer knows who she is! In comes Tag Martin – a man on a mission – a mission to pull off an elaborate ruse to fool his grandmother into thinking he has finally found love and gotten married. Only Tag never wants to get married – so the wedding is a sham/marriage-of-convenience. Only his intended “Bride” runs off with a clown – but never fear she set him up with a replacement – only Tag doesn’t know her name or what she looks like.

Wonder of wonders – Memory loss Michelle ends up marrying Tag. From this point on Michelle and Tag are trying to fight there attraction and trying to figure out who Michelle really is. (She dubbed herself Lee thinking that was her real name) Only they can’t fight the attraction.

Want to know what I got out of this book??? A life lesson – Sometimes the best way to figure out who you really are is start with a blank slate.

I enjoyed this book. It was a sweet read with a good side story.

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