Body Movers by Stephanie Bond

a7616-bodymoversBody Movers
Written by Stephanie Bond

Reading Source: Library
Series: Body Movers
Book #: 1
Genre: Murder Mystery, Light Romance
Rating: 3 out of 5

Carlotta Wren’s life is far from perfect. Abandoned by fugitive parents when she was barely an adult and left to fend for herself and her young brother, she’s had a rough go of things. Shortly after her parents jump bail, Carlotta’s long-time-boyfriend-future-husband, Peter Ashford, leaves her due to the scandal. For the first time, she is truly alone and struggling to survive.

Fast forward ten years, Carlotta and Wesley (her younger brother), have survived into adulthood and are still struggling to survive. Wesley has not been a saint, despite all that Carlotta has sacrificed to make sure they were able to make it this far. Now, Wesley owes a couple of loan sharks a lot of money, but that’s not all. While working for commission at Neiman Marcus, Carlotta learns that Wesley has been arrested for hacking into the court computers. The arresting officer, Jack Terry, has also just re-opened her parents case and is showing signs of a take no prisoners attitude, both socially and professionally.

In an effort to help pay off his debts to loan sharks and now the courts, Wesley gets a job moving bodies to the morgue and funeral home with former Hot-Doctor, Cooper Craft. On a night when Wesley needed a ride to a body moving job, Carlotta gets pulled into the fray buy an untimely death, Peter’s wife was murdered, and detective Jack Terry isn’t so sure that Carlotta didn’t have something to do with it.

Generally, I enjoyed the book. I’m hoping as we go along, Carlotta and Wesley gain some common sense. Some of the hang ups and decisions they made really got under my skin. However, I did enjoy the plot and characterization enough to order the next book in the series from the library. I’m a sucker for “love triangles,” or in this case, a “love rectangle.”

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