Unicorns, Kelpies, and Trolls! Oh My!

Here is the most recent addition to My Journey Through Shadow Sight! Check out the rest of the Journey.

This is my thoughts and feelings at a little more than half way through Shadow Sight, by E.J. Stevens.

So I’ve really gotten into the meat of the story now. Basically, Ivy needs to save the day, like any good heroine does… and she’s got a rag-tag team of friends to help her – A Motley Crew of Creepies and Not-So-Creepies-but-just-as-scaries if you will. Ivy’s blessed/cursed with psychometry – which is awesome/awful – and she’s charged/hired by the “good guys” to find the one person who can help fight back the baddies and save the day.
This book is chocked full of details and back story but it’s always fast paced enough to make me sad to put down the book and do other things…. like eat/sleep/play with my puppy…. 
Ivy and Jinx’s characters are what I love best so far. Their dynamic is awesome. They understand what each of them needs and is able to see that their friendship is vital to the other. With Ivy’s gift being so sensitive to touch she’s had a tough life and Jinx is the glue that patched the cracks of a tough childhood. Each time we get to glimpse into what Ivy sees when she uses her gift I have been enraptured. The detail of her visions are intense. The first time she learned of her gift she sees something awful and the emotion shared in that one scene brought me to tears. As did the next major psychometry scene. 
Shadow Sight has allowed me to see a world that I never could have imagined. Best of all, it’s got the right blend of suspense, paranormal activity, and quirky humor that makes me want to read for hours.
I love Shakespeare (I’m taking an intense 8 week course on his major plays….) but I want to skip Othello and Hamlet and read more Shadow Sight!
“Pleasure and action make the hours seem short.”
– William Shakespeare, by way of Iago, Othello Act 2 Scene 3
“Parting is such sweet sorrow” (William Shakespeare again… Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 2)
-Dizzy Izzy the Griffin

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