The Cinderella Deal by Jennifer Crusie

The Cinderella Deal (Loveswept)The Cinderella Deal by Jennifer Crusie

Linc never lies. Daisy doesnt’ either – She tells stories, unreal, but not untrue. This time however, Linc lied and now he needs a wife – in about three days. The wolves are at Daisy’s door – and Linc might be exactly what she’s been looking for.

Linc needs this job and to do it he needs to have a wife at his interview. This is where Daisy comes in. Since Linc doesn’t actually have a wife/fiancee he pays Daisy to be his fiancee for the weekend. Linc gets the job – but, as part of their deal, their Cinderella Deal, Daisy and him part. Only Linc’s new boss doesn’t take “irreconcilable differences” for an answer.

Daisy agrees to go back with him, she needs a fresh start on the new Daisy. Everything appears to be going well for a while, but neither one of them are completely happy. Can they make it work before the Midnight hour?

This is one of my least favorite Crusie books. Its okay – by no means did I not enjoy it. I think it is one of her older stories that were reprinted. It has a different feel to it. It doesn’t have that same “new Crusie smell” to it.

It’s a good book. Just doesn’t have that “new Crusie smell” that I love so much.

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