Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie


Written by Jennifer Crusie

Reading Source: Library
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating:  5 Stars

What happens when you send an uptight business woman to a golf resort in the sticks of Kentucky? What happens when that same business woman gets served up a dish of ambitious-business-woman while on vacation? Exactly what should happen in a romance novel – she realizes that is just like her and she sets out to change her ways.

Kate wants to get married, she wants a partner in life and in business. At least she thinks so. Egged on by her best friend and scatterbrain cake artist, Jessie, Kate makes a “business plan” for a man. The only thing left to do was find a hunting ground – and the perfect place happened to be the golf resort a few hours south in Kentucky.

Jake had his taste of the city. He even had his taste of an ambitious career woman of a wife. All he wants is some twenty something who thinks he’s god, or so he thought. Initially Jake saw Kate as comic relief at the luau. Then she needed to be rescued from group activities and ended up drunk in his boat. Neither of them realized what was going on until they’d reached the point of no return.

This is one of my favorite Crusie books. Just like with Bet Me, I can see myself in the female lead – this time not so much physically – as mentally. I enjoyed watching both lead characters grow and start to fully understand not only each other, but themselves as well.

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