Don’t Look Down by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer

Don't Look Down

Don’t Look DownWritten by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer

Reading Source: Library
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Suspense

Lucy likes making dog food commercials, so directing the movie “Don’t Look Down” is definitely not her big break, despite what her sister has been telling people. She’s only come to do the movie because her niece, Pepper, cried — Pepper is not a crier.

J.T. thought he was making a little extra money while on leave. Little did he know that his Special Ops training would be needed so much on the set of this movie. Evil is afoot, and it smells like swampy cheetos.

Lucy only agreed to direct the movie because she could tell that something was really wrong. When she gets on the set nothing is making any sense, not even the script. When things start to go wrong, and people are almost hurt she tries to stop the movie, only to find out that the contract would make her liable in the event the movie was not done in its entirety.

Captain J.T. Wilder didn’t really want to be there, he had a hangover. He thought he’d make some easy cash doing some stunts while on leave, only he’s been tapped for a special project for the CIA. Smugglers are using this movie to bring in artifacts and J.T. is there to make sure things go off without a hitch and to find out any additional information he can.

It doesn’t take long for Lucy and J.T. to come to each other’s attention, and with the help of a Wonder Woman party, it doesn’t take long for J.T. to realize he’s a gonner.

This is one of my favorite Jennifer Crusie books, and I think it might be due in part to the second author, Bob Mayer. There’s action, there’s sex, there’s a gator with one eye… I think it’s the balance that I enjoyed the most. If you like this one, read Agnes and the Hitman. It’s written by both of them and it’s good too.

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