Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie

Welcome to Temptation (Dempseys, #1)Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie

One: Hot Town Boy

Two: Versions of one Movie

Three: Dempsey’s

Four: Generations of Tucker’s holding office

Five: Hours to finish the book

This is another good book  by Jennifer Crusie.

Welcome to Temptation, a small town in Southern Ohio that hasn’t had a lot of excitement in a long while, until the Dempsey’s come to town to make a sort film

Sophie has always been the good girl, but her family can’t really say the same. Coming from a long line of Con-artists, Sophie knows how to get what she wants.  From the point Sophie and Amy Dempsey first arrive in Temptation, Sophie can tell that trouble is brewing.

Phin is trying to keep his mother and the town happy without completely losing his mind. He is the Mayor of Temptation, but all he really wants is to sell books and play pool. He lives for pool. Phin has no idea the trouble that the Dempsey sisters are bringing into Temptation.

As everything stars to go crazy, Sophie and Phin find themselves wrapped in a world of blackmail, gossip, death, adultery and headbanging sexy. As things go from bad to worse, Sophie and Phin start to realize they’re getting more than the excellent sex they both were looking for. They’re also getting love, unconditionally.

I really enjoyed this book – Phin is so unexpected as a hero – and really, when it comes right down to it – he’s not – in a traditional sense of the word. The women are the heroes in this book, Sophie mainly, but Phin’s mom, who starts out as a stone cold bitch, really comes through at the end. She’s still a stone cold bitch, just not to Sophie.

I liked how Crusie was able to put great sex scenes throughout the entire book – but still make Phin a single father. I hope that if I ever decide to have kids – that I’m able to continue to have great sex where ever I want…. ( I highly doubt it will happen – I think the bond is a little bit different in real life and with mothers….)

Overall this book was fun, and that is what makes it so appealing. Great sex scenes, good plot and subplots, good characters and a lot of laughs.

This is a really good book  – I have read it before, and I’ll probably read it again…. It’s not every day that you get “Discovery Fantasy Sex” in a contemporary romance.

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